Kingdom is a meditative, single-shot video work that that depicts a scene of figures walking across a jetty through an expanse of water. The figures, seen at a distance, are in motion between points beyond the edges of the screen appear to be perpetually in transit. They traverse a narrow, man-made landscape through a vast field of open water in a scene that is at once both peaceable and hazardous.


The soundtrack is made of location recordings and sounds of a quiet conversation between a male and female voice. The voices are low in volume and somewhat muted; their dialog is a set of questions and answers on a number of themes including velocity, the passage of time, darkness, and gravity. The voices alternate the roles of questioner and respondent, and invite the viewer into a listening space that is both intimate and open. The juxtaposition of the long and distant vision of the figures with the quiet soundtrack allows the viewer to shift attention between the voices, the watery jetty, and landscapes both exterior and interior.


Voices: Bevin Kelley, Ed Osborn. Voice Recording Engineer: Jim Moses.